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Fitness Expo, some bad luck and #TheProject

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Body Science Magazine premiered during the Fitness Expo. And don’t worry, I’ll write a lot – starting next year!

Okay. An update is long overdue. After my calf healed I got pretty much back on track for two weeks – and then a cold hit me. Nothing serious, only a nagging headache and a runny nose. So I continued to train at the gym and I thought I could get some extra rest on my two vacation days following the huge health fair here in Gothenburg (known as Fitnessfestivalen).
Fitnessfestivalen is a huge fitness, training, health and supplement exhibition – pretty much like the expos held at the Arnold’s or like the FIBO held in Germany. We at MM Sports had the largest exhibitor surface at the Expo and we had more than 30 people working in the area to serve the several tens of thousands of visitors and customers. While the expo was under its way, there were also several fitness competitions so I was there as a head coach, assisting coach, photographer and as an expert for the exhibition booths. This is simply not a weekend you want to miss!

The day before the expo, on Friday the 29th of November, Michaela came to stay at my place during the weekend. We met up at the railway station and headed directly to the nearest gym. I got some nice footage as usual and will put together some new stuff on our YouTube channel shortly (keep your eyes open).

Besides an annoying headache I felt fine and Fitnessfestivalen delivered as usual. There were so much people I could barely get into our booths – if there wasn’t people blocking my way there were people wanting to say hello, chat or ask questions. You simply got to love it! My throat was sore after only three hours.
On Sunday morning Michaela and I teamed up with our good friends Mikael and Magnus for a quick training session before heading back to the Expo-madness. That was much needed!!

A strike of bad luck

My Xbox One without a working power supply and my Playstation 4 with no games…

This is kind of hilarious, so stay with me. The Thursday before Fitnessfestivalen some idiot had punctured all bicycles in our basement – including my mountain bike and street racer. On Friday I finally got my pre-ordered Xbox One from the US. However, it would not start. Since it’s from North America, it has an 110v power supply. And my power transformer (230v to 110v) I bought a couple of days earlier was dead. I tried it with some other stuff I bought in the US, but nothing.
So on Monday after the Expo I walked down to the nearest mall (swearing over my punctured bikes) to switch the power transformer. As I suspected, it was bonked and I got a new one. I walked home (still swearing) and plugged in my Xbox One. Nothing… The power supply did not even lit up. So what is the probabilities of first getting a faulty power transformer and then a dead power supply?
So my two planned vacation days was spent calling the Xbox support line in the US, in Sweden and then in the United Kingdom/Great Britain. Since the Xbox One isn’t released in Sweden, the Swedish support couldn’t even order a European 230v/110v power supply. Instead I had to order one as an extra accessory for 30 British pounds. I also sent in my faulty power supply for a replacement, but that can take up to 30 days(!) – so yeah, 30 quid was a small sum to pay. The power supply shipped this Wednesday, so we’ll see when it will arrive.
And guess what? Yeah, my headache has gotten worse and I can now feel my sinuses. Not good, not good at all. So my plans for this weekend went out the window. I will only do one thing – rest!
Another funny thing is that I got my Playstation 4 this Wednesday. Unfortunately I have yet to receive the two games I pre-ordered, which was shipped from England two weeks ago. And yes, I’ve already received my pre-ordered games for my Xbox One, which was shipped on the same day. Pretty funny, eh?
Oh, and today (Friday) my internet connection has been down the whole day. My Internet service provider has dispatched a technician who probably will show up tonight or tomorrow… So for the moment, I’m using my smart phone with USB-thethering. Yeah, this has not been my week…


So, what about TheProject? I haven’t been able to train hard in over six weeks. I’ve kept my diet pretty much dialed in thought. My body fat is pretty much at the same percentage as it was the last time I reported it. You could say that we simply pressed the Pause-button and we’ll resume as soon as I’m feeling better. I’ll keep you updated!
Thank you for reading, Feel free to leave some nice and encouraging comments. I’m off to my sofa to watch a movie. At least my computer and Home Cinema still works…

Have a great weekend!

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