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#TheProject – a quick update

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'nuff said! The "diet" is going well.

Aaand we’re back!

I have to make a brief correction… In my last post I wrote that my body fat percentage, after almost 9 weeks of light sporadic training, were about the same that I’ve reported in previous posts. That’s not entirely true…

I checked a few caliper measuring sites both yesterday and this Sunday morning (the one’s you can measure for yourself). And this is what I found out:

Abdominal: previous 4.5 mm, today 4.1 mm (!)
Umbicillal: previous 5.5 mm, today 4.4 mm (!)
Suprailiac: previous 5.4 mm, today 3.8 mm (!)
Chest: previous 2.5 mm, today 2 mm (!)
Biceps: previous 1.6 mm, today 1.5 mm

Taking your own caliper measurements are really hard – but the few you can access can provide some useful feedback.

It seems that I’ve lost some more body fat. Nice, really nice! Which leads me to what I’ve done during these weeks. In short, I’ve stuck with the meal plan from Michaela. When I can’t train, I simply eliminate my peri-workout nutrition (what I usually take before and during my training sessions). Other than that, I follow the meal plan. What’s really nice to see is that my Suprailiac (the love handle) has dropped a lot! 3.8 mm is pretty darn lean. As best back in 2008, I measured about 2.5 to 2.7 mm in this area. The Suprailiac is tied to your insulin sensitivity and carb intake. Although I have eaten about 120 to 175 grams of carbs a day and haven’t trained more than sporadically (and only upper body due to my injured calf), the Suprailiac site has dropped 1.6 mm. It could very well be the nutrient partitioning effect from our Body Science Glyco Restrain (I take a full dose before my meals with carbohydrates). It’s also the result of the diet itself and our protein pulses during the first half of the day. I’ve seen the strategy with protein- or amino acid pulses work wonders with my clients since I started with them back in 2008. It’s powerful stuff – if you do them right! With that said, I guess we can bump up the carbs once again – when I’m back at the gym.

And that’s it for now. I’ll take some new photos as soon as I’m feeling 100%. And I’ll probably be back before that with a new Q&A. Until then, have a great day and a great week!

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