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TheProject – Getting Back On The Road: Phase 2

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Random shot of my arm after one of the Amino Acid Pulses with 10 grams of Sloow Carbs. Not even close to my former standard of vascularity, but I'm getting there…

Aaaand we’re back, sort of. If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you probably know that I injured my right calf pretty bad. It actually started as a mild inflammation from over stressing it. And about 14 days ago I got a severe muscle strain. During the first 10 days I was on heavy pain- and anti-inflammatory medication. I then reduced the medication over a couple of days and this last Friday was the first day completely off (I tried during Thursday but had to take some Diklofenak in the evening). Today, Sunday, I can almost walk, but I still can’t put any real weight on the foot. Standing exercises are probably out for a couple of more days. Hopefully I’ll be able to transition into my normal training during next week.

I also hit my lowest body weight since I was 18 or 19 years old. Since I’ve only been able to do some seated or lying exercises (mainly presses and pulldowns) for two weeks my weight dropped down to a low 152 lbs (69 kg). The thing is that if I’m away from the gym more than a couple of days, or if I can only do some light training, my body weight drop a couple of pounds. That’s how sensitive my glycogen storage is. Training stimulates an increase in glycogen and water retention within the muscle cells – and a few days of rest drains it.

I will also switch back to training in the afternoon. Simply because it takes too long to get warmed- and amped up in the morning. That could very well be one of the reasons for the muscle strain. So it’s back to fighting over equipment and getting annoyed over stupid people at the overcrowded gyms. But with that said, a good friend and I do have some business plans to circumvent that crap, but that’s for another blog post in two or three months.

The plan is now to initiate the next phase. It’s a lean gain phase, which simply means that the goal is to add some muscle mass while keeping or even further decreasing my body fat. To accomplish this, we bump my calories by a few hundred at a time – probably about every third week or so. The bump is solely from carbohydrates. Actually, as we increase carbohydrates and calories (which is anabolic), we also slowly reduce the daily amount of protein to give even more space for some extra carbohydrates – at least in the beginning. Not much, probably by 20 or 30 grams is switched. And as a total, the increase in carbohydrates is just above 100 grams. However, the total bump in calories is only about 250 to 300 kcal.

This is how my nutrition plan from Michaela Augustsson looks like during the first stage of phase 2:

Nutrition plan for Phase 2

7.00 Amino Acid Pulse, 30 g BCAA with extra l-leucine, 10 g Sloow Carbs
10.00 Amino Acid Pulse, 30 g BCAA with extra l-leucine, 10 g Sloow Carbs
12.30 Lunch: 50 g protein, 20 g carbohydrates, 15 g fat
3.45 Pre-Workout 1: 50 g carbohydrates
4.00 Pre-Workout 2: 30 g BCAA/EAA
4.30-5.30 Training: 30 g Whey Hydrolysate, 10 g Vitargo
7.00 Dinner: 50g protein, 40 g carbohydrates, 10 g fat
9.00 Evening meal: 40g protein, 35 g carbohydrates, 15 g fat

All in all about 2100 kcal. 175 g of carbs, 260 g of protein and 40 g of fat. And remember, nutrition timing is key. The Amino Acid pulses (or protein pulses) that I invented back in 2008 consists of (during this phase) about 6 grams of Body Science l-leucine, 25 grams of Body Science BCAA-XX, 5 grams of Body Science Massbuilder and 10 grams of Body Science Sloow Carbs (palatinose).
Main foods for lunch are still chicken or pork with potatoes and veggies. In the evening it’s either red meat or whole eggs – must have that sweet cholesterol for the production of testosterone. Fats comes mostly from egg yolks, avocados, omega-3 supplements and virgin coconut oil.
My post-workout meal (at 7.00 PM) sometimes consists of almond milk, Body Science Whey 100% and/or Diet Fuel and puffed rice.

Every Wednesday is a metabolic day (about 3000 kcal or more) with a lot of extra carbohydrates and every Sunday is a pulse fast (damage control) with three or four Amino Acid Pulses and the two evening meals intact. I will probably land at about 1600 kcal this day. Usually we have a pulse fast after a metabolic day, but since I rest on Sundays, which is perfect for a pulse fast, a raise in calories and carbohydrates are more beneficial during the week when I train hard. It will boost my performance on Wednesday and spill over to Thursday. It’s also a great way to mix things up. And we love mixing things up and discover alternative and sometimes better ways to do things.

I will start this “lean gain” phase on Monday (I’ve eased into the nutrition plan during the last couple of days). New progress pictures will be taken on Monday or Tuesday, setting a starting point for phase 2.

Fun Stuff…

My computer desk at home. Left sceen primarily for work, right screen for gaming (240 Hz). The Notebook for managing our servers.

And now on to something completely different. As a PC- and Tech guy I’ve made some nice purchases and upgrades during the last week. Since I write, read and study in front of a computer screen for 8 to 9 hours a day, my eyes get a bit strained at times. The solution? A pair of digital performance eyewear from Gunnar. These glasses improves contrast, details and helps to reduce glare. They’re perfect for long work sessions in front of the screen – and of course, for gaming as well.

The Corsair Vengeance K70, The Razoe DeathAdder 2013 and the Gunnar Rocket Eyewear.

Speaking of which, I just happened to come across a new gaming mouse, the DeathAdder from Razor (most pro-gamer’s mouse of choice) as well as a gaming keyboard – the Corsair Vengeance K70. After getting used to them I can’t give them anything but praise. If you play FPS games, take a look at them!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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